Preql’s 2023 data-driven leaders

Gabi Steele and Leah Weiss
Gabi Steele and Leah Weiss

2023 was an exciting year for Preql. Our team doubled in size, our product officially hit the market and we launched new AI features. But above all, the true highlight was spending time with remarkable individuals shaping the future of data.

Over the past year, we’ve had the privilege of engaging with a diverse group of exceptional innovators working on doing more with data & AI in their respective industries and roles. To close out the year, Preql is featuring leaders we love who are driving impact with data at their respective organizations.

If you haven’t had the chance to meet any of the following women, we encourage you to follow them. They are leading the way in data-driven thinking, AI, investing and entrepreneurship. Special thanks to each of them for generously spending time with Preql in 2023 and paving the way for innovation together in 2024!

Preql’s 2023 data & AI-driven leaders we love!

Sydnie Andreassi

Director of Revenue Operations @

Follow Sydnie in 2024 to hear about her data-driven approach to revenue operations at Indeed and the many ways she’s doing more with data to support sales and revenue teams!

Salma Bakouk

CEO & Co-Founder @ Sifflet

Follow Salma to hear about all things data quality in 2024 as she continues to build the future of data observability at Sifflet.

Richelle Devoe

Head of Product & Product Marketing @ EP Global

Follow Richelle in 2024 to hear more about how she’s leveraging data to drive meaningful product insights, audience growth, and marketing impact!

Savannah Davy

Director of Data Intelligence @ Protos Security

Follow Savannah in 2024 as she continues to build modern data solutions at Protos Security and leverage the Preql platform to support stakeholders across their organization!

Celina Wong

CEO @ Data Culture

Follow Celina in 2024 for help unlocking data capabilities at your organization and opportunities to partner her team at Data Culture and Data Culture Studio!

Jenna Eubank

VP Data Services @ Business Insider

Follow Jenna in 2024 as she continues to empower stakeholders across the Insider org, leading the way in analytics, insights and data science.

Shaheen Essabhoy

Data @ Podia

Follow Shaheen in 2024 to hear how she’s built data foundations at Podia and is now supporting stakeholders across the business with Preql.

Lenore Vassil

Transformation Executive

Follow Lenore in 2024 for expert guidance as a C-Suite transformation leader. Lenore has experience supporting companies scale their technology solutions at all stages, from rapid growth to economic downturns to IPOs and Fortune 100 scale.

Louise de Leyritz

Marketing Director @ Castor

Follow Louise in 2024 to get great content for business leaders and data teams, as well as the exciting data cataloging technology she’s working on at Castor.

Stephanie Wang

Founding Engineer @ MotherDuck

Follow Stephanie in 2024 as she and her team continue to drive innovation with MotherDuck, where’s she’s building the future of serverless cloud data storage.

Becky Cooper Nadis

Head of Experience Insights @ LinkedIn

Follow Becky in 2024 as she continues drive impact with the CX team at Linkedin leveraging AI, innovation and new data products to do more with data and drive meaningful impact.

Nikki Mendell

Senior Manager, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships
@ The Muse

Follow Nikki in 2024 to learn more about the impact she’s making on recruiting innovation at The Muse and her data-driven approach to sales and growth.

Michelle Ballen

Head of Data Analytics @ Future

Follow Michelle in 2024 for guidance on building effective data teams, modern data stacks and constantly innovating with data & AI to drive impact for D2C organizations and beyond.

Priyanka Somrah

Investor @ Workbench

Follow Priyanka and subcribe to her data newsletter to hear about the latest innovations in our field, trends to follow and ways to engage in the data & AI startup community.

Millie Symns

Sr. Data Analyst @ Thinx

Follow Millie in 2024 to hear how she’s leveraging the modern data stack to drive impact for stakeholders across her organization and thinking about new ways to innovate with AI and analytics.

Alexa Garrison

Senior Director, Data & Corporate Strategy @ Convene

Follow Alexa in 2024 for guidance on driving business value with your data team, implementing modern data stacks, building teams and driving meaningful revenue with data solutions.

Jenny Cavioli

Strategy & Transformation Leader

Follow Jenny in 2024 for help with all things strategy and innovation as she continues to drive impact for brands through internal culture change and external product alignment.

Jennifer Dunten

Enterprise Account Executive @ Databricks

Follow Jenny in 2024 to get updates on the best women in data events and opportunities as well as learn more about Databricks and all things analytics for enterprise orgs.

Julie Lemiux

VP UX & Design Executive

Follow Julie in 2024 for expert guidance on everything UX and Design specifically supporting startups at all stages.

Elizabeth Wong

VP, Head of Data & Analytics

Follow Lizzy in 2024 for expert advice from an executive data leader with deep knowledge in consumer brands and greater data strategy as your company scales its AI and analytics capabilities.

Mishelle Weinerman

Data & Insights Entrepreneur

Follow Mishelle in 2024 for guidance on all things marketing analytics, data insights and product management working with companies from seed to Fortune 100.

Lindsey Murphy

Head of Data @ Secoda

Follow Lindsey in 2024 to get all the updates on modern data stack tooling, great content and events and learn more about data cataloging solutions like Secoda.

Jenna Lemonias

Head of Data @ The Atlantic

Follow Jenna in 2024 as she continues to drive impact for stakeholders across the organizations she supports, building and scaling data teams and technologies.

Cecilia Dones

Analytics & Marketing Executive, Founder @ 3 Standard Deviations

Follow Ceci in 2024 to hear about how she’s driving growth within businesses through data and amplifying the value of analytical teams by establishing strong leadership and driving executive change management.

Justine Karp

Vice President @ Media Link

Follow Justine in 2024 to hear how she’s leveraging data and AI to drive meaningful impact for brands across disciplines.

Noy Levinson

Head of Startup and VC Business Development @ AWS

Follow Noy in 2024 to learn more about the many ways her team at AWS supports startups and opportunities to partner them.

Serena Huang

Founder @ Data with Serena

Follow data influencer Serena in 2024 to learn more about people analytics, HR technology, future of work, ethical AI, employee experience, and mental health.

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