What does Preql do?
Preql empowers business users to create and manage their own metrics without relying on a data team.
How hard is it to implement?
Easy! You can get access to 100+ customizable metrics as soon as you log in! Preql is designed for business users, so if you have some familiarity with Google Sheets or Excel, managing your metrics will be a breeze.
Do I need Snowflake to use Preql?
Preql sits on top of your data warehouse. If you don’t have Snowflake or another cloud storage solution yet, our team can help you set one up!
Do I need a data team to use Preql?
You don’t need to have a data team to use Preql! If you hire a data team in the future, they’ll be thrilled you already have your metrics and business logic well-defined.
Is Preql a data visualization tool?
Preql is primarily focused on helping you define and manage metrics for reporting. To visualize your data, you can leverage our integrations with Google Sheets and business intelligence tooling.