Introducing Preql: The Future of Data Transformation

Gabi Steele and Leah Weiss
Gabi Steele and Leah Weiss

We’re thrilled to announce our new venture, Preql! Preql is a no-code data transformation solution built for business users. Preql is the culmination of our mission to bridge the gap between business users and data teams, and to make data and analytics accessible to more people.

During our time together at WeWork, we were always looking for creative ways to reduce the friction between business users, who often struggled to answer simple questions with data, and the data team, who worked tirelessly to build and manage data transformation processes, but couldn’t keep up with reporting demands. We spent the last two years building Data Culture, a data engineering consultancy, which helped us realize the biggest obstacle to having trusted, centralized reporting is that business users are completely dependent on specialized talent to create reporting-ready datasets. Even with exceptional data talent, so much is lost in translation between the business and the data people who manage transformations, and as a result, many organizations never get the value they were seeking from their data.

Preql comes from a place of deep empathy for both data teams and business users. We know how many hours it takes for a business analyst to create manual data consolidation and reporting processes, and how many late nights are required to get the leadership team to trust reporting. We also know what it feels like for analytics engineers to receive an urgent request from an executive only to realize they need to re-architect their data model in order to implement a new business critical metric.

Data transformation is the foundation of everything in data. Without reliable, trusted datasets for reporting, it’s nearly impossible to move up the data hierarchy of needs and build data culture. We want to take the pain out of this foundational part of your data journey, and be the “prequel” to all things analytics.

Preql’s technology sits on top of the data warehouse, predicts the data model required for your reporting needs, and allows business users to own and maintain core metrics and definitions. We abstract away the data transformation process and deliver reporting ready datasets back into your warehouse, something that previously took months of manual effort. Business users can get up and running with trusted data for reporting immediately and in turn, data teams can focus their attention on supporting analysis and data science instead of adhoc reporting requests.

We should also mention we are looking for talented engineers, designers, and data people who are motivated by solving the most painful part of the analytics workflow and bringing data capabilities to the organizations that need it most.

We are so excited to tackle this critical problem together. Thank you to our incredible partners who have supported us on our journey so far. We can’t wait to share Preql with you all!

Gabi & Leah